About Us



Brown Allan is a true lifestyle brand that represents its creativity, love for natural (exotic) fibers, sensibility, innovation, and technological advances.

Established in 1883, Brown Allan's inception as a yarn spinner carries forward as they evolve the craftsmanship of their product, giving attention to every aspect of the process, from developing the finest quality luxury natural fibers to creating innovative products that have been built into an affordable, casual, cool, luxe lifestyle.

Our mission is simple: To create the next level up to your favorite tee and hoodie without compromising the comfort.

As much as we all would love to live in our favorite tee, there are times when we want something with that same look , being authentically yourself, in a more refined and luxurious quality. The value is in our luxury yarns, in combination with an amazing hand feel and cool, time right product. So, Brown Allan addresses the need by creating a line that infuses the essentials of an active lifestyle with a touch of cashmere.